Episode 4: Alok Deoraj on Introducing Students to Global Public Health

Alok Deoraj

On this episode, Dr. Alok Deoraj talks with Stephanie about how he prepares highly diverse students in his large enrollment general education global learning course, “Health Without Borders,” to actively engage with content in class and in the community. Alok Deoraj is a senior instructor and graduate program director in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the Stempel College of Public Health at Florida International University. Dr. Deoraj has more than 20 years of extensive teaching, research and management experience in academic and industry settings. At FIU he teaches global and environmental public health courses at undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. His current research interest is on the influence of environmental determinants on the timing of the onset of puberty/adolescence. He has published more than 60 articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed journals, magazines, and books and in the proceedings of professional meetings. Dr. Deoraj also serves as reviewer and academic editor of peer reviewed journals in his area of research.

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Great Quotes

“I'm not looking for a perfect solution…if you're not willing to even engage into an issue, then you cannot even attempt to solve that problem.”

“The idea of having the different disciplines coming together is to instill the idea that you need everybody together to solve the problem. It's not okay if there's [just] a biological solution to it. You have to have an engineering solution, you have to have a business solution. You have to have different kinds of solutions coming together to solve the issue…you have a problem and you put together the different ideas to solve the problem.”