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Kate Houghton

On this episode, Kate and Stephanie meet in person for the first time—Kate teaches her year-long Miami-based Honors College course, “Cancer Wars,” remotely from her home in DC and from FIU’s hub in DC. They first got to know each other virtually when Kate took the online version of FIU’s Global Learning Course Design and Instruction Workshop, which Kate described as “transformative.” Kate Houghton is an alumnus who fell in love with political science at FIU. She was active in community service clubs such as Alternative Break and won the FIU Shining Star Award in 2006 for her work on Hurricane Katrina relief. She remains passionate about driving change and ensuring everyone has access to the American Dream. Kate has taught in a women's maximum security, worked for the federal government, staffed dozens of congressional campaigns and three presidential election, survived cancer, managed a national non-profit organization, and passed several pieces of legislation—all before the age of 35. Kate’s personal and professional background have fostered a unique ability to take complex problems and craft pragmatic solutions as well as tell the powerful stories of mission-driven individuals and organizations creating change in America.

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Great Quotes

“You can't assume anything. You have to check your assumptions at the door, because there's never one perspective in politics. There's never one perspective in public policy. And it's about weighing the different ones. But more importantly it's about listening.”

“There's something about people being in the field for 10 to 15 years like I have been, coming back..because you can answer questions in a way that connects the students to something that's really happening, that's present, it's real life.”