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(Clockwise from left) Domenico Grasso, Ilir Meteza, Vivian Adams, Scott Riggs 

This episode features a discussion with four key persons involved with the design and implementation of a new global learning pathway through the general education curriculum at the University of Michigan-Dearborn: Domenico Grasso, Chancellor; Ilir Miteza, Associate Provost for Graduate, Global and Digital Education; Scott Riggs, Director of Global Engagement; and, Vivian Adams, student leader. Dearborn’s pathway, named Discovery Quest, is integrative, experiential, and open to students in any major. The episode involves a discussion of how Dearborn defined global learning for themselves, how they built Discovery Quest on the firm foundation of existing global learning opportunities in their institution, and how they connect students’ global learning to other major strategic research and engagement initiatives.

Resources Mentioned

Great Quotes

"We see a lot of value in learning from difference. Whether that difference comes from cultural aspects or disciplinary lenses, we think difference has potential on this campus."

"Students don't tend to be motivated by learning outcomes. They're motivated by questions. In fact, the bigger the questions, the more animated students are in pursuing those questions."

"It's our job to think long and hard about connecting our courses, connecting all of the learning experiences we provide here on campus, which are excellent, but connecting them in a way that they make sense and that they generate a sense of purpose and mission in our students."

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