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Daniel Griffith

Daniel Griffith is Director of Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Programs at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), where he provides training and consultation on conflict management and dialogue facilitation for leaders, administrators, employees, and academic, and administrative units. He is lead organizer and facilitator for the IUPUI Intergroup Dialogue Initiative, which involves the co-facilitation of in-depth dialogue processes and conversations on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class/rank, and other social identities. He also supports faculty in the development of an undergraduate Certificate in Intergroup Dialogue. An attorney and registered civil mediator, Griffith teaches and writes on negotiation and  alternative dispute resolution in law and the workplace. On this episode, Griffith gives us an in-depth look into IUPUI’s model for Intergroup Dialogue, the university’s Intergroup Dialogue Certificate program, as well as what happens in a dialogue and the characteristics of effective facilitators.

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"When you spend time listening to someone's story, their testimonials, their deepest hurtful experiences, and it broadens your understanding, that challenges you...You start to change how you view that person, or if not that person, how you view people who you have identified like that person in their group. There's a lot of connectedness there."

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